Martina McBride's love for cooking began years ago as a child in Kansas watching her mother and grandmother make dinner from scratch each night. This passion turned into releasing several cookbooks and launching her own cooking show.

“We sat around the supper table every night,” McBride tells People. “The consistency of my mom and grandmother cooking was the biggest influence on me. I felt it was important to keep doing that.”

McBride's Kansas upbringing was “miles from civilization out in the country,” and says her family hardly ever ate out. Her new cookbook, Martina’s Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life, includes recipes she's been making for her family and friends for years, as well as showcases her evolution as a chef.

“The book shows the way I’ve grown as a cook and includes more vegetables, fish and healthier things,” McBride explains. “Cooking makes me feel like I’m nurturing my friends and family.”

The cookbook also boasts several “decadent, comfort food” recipes. In fact, she credits her husband for making her already "simple, foolproof" Cheddar & Bacon Biscuits even better.

“Adding bacon to the biscuits was actually John’s idea,” she says. “It made them even more delicious!”

McBride's latest cookbook is out now. In addition to sharing her recipes with the world through the book, she'll be launching a new cooking series on the Food Network. Martina's Table debuts on Nov. 18 at 12PM ET. According to the Food Network's site, McBride will be introducing viewers to some of her favorite Midwestern recipes, Mexican dishes, snacks such as hummus, and an easy-for-beginners Thanksgiving feast.

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