The question on the mind for parents planning back-to-school shopping, when is the tax holiday in Alabama? Here's the info, including which items are or are not exempt.

Alabama's annual sales tax holiday for school related items for 2016:

  • Begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 5th
  • Ends at midnight on Sunday, August 7th

All during the weekend shoppers will be able to purchase certain school supplies without a sales tax charged.

What's included?

  • School supplies
  • Computers
  • Books
  • Clothing

However, not everything in those groups is included.  Especially, with clothing.  Say, you can buy a belt exempt from tax, but will have to pay on a watch.

The Alabama Department of Revenue has released a quick reference guide to help.  Here, take a look by clicking here.


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