Yesterday, while driving on Upper Columbus road in Elrod Echola to pick up my mother, I came across an interesting and creepy doll perched on top a bridge guard rail in the middle of nowhere. Why?

After I first passed the doll, I tried to envision the scenario that might have resulted in the doll being perched on the side of the road. I thought it was a little creepy but I finally decided that I liked the idea that someone was on a pleasant hike one afternoon and happened upon a little girl's beloved lost doll. Wanting to reunite the pair, the individual placed the doll in a place she would be sure to be seen and everyone would live happily ever after.

Once my mom was in the car, I mentioned the doll to her and wanting to take a quick picture. 'That thing's creepy,' she said. Little did we know...

As we approached the doll and got a closer look, I made an executive decision to remain in my car. I felt like someone wearing a black hoodie holding a shank might jump out of the woods any second.

Now, I have several questions: What is this? Why does she have junkyard arms? What is she holding? Will I ever sleep again?

Creepy Doll B


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