To help celebrate my birthday this past weekend, Perry invited my family to come to his father's weekend home.

The kids were gathered around the table playing a game when mother took advantage of the rare moment they're playing quietly together and snapped a picture. Later that night, I received a text from her. You can read our exchange below:

Identify the creepy reflection

After examining the picture in question for a few minutes, I found the image she was referring to. Initially, I thought her assertion was silly, but after Perry and I were unable to recreate the reflection, I found the mystery a little disturbing.

I still don't think it's a face and there's a rational explanation for the reflection but I'm at a loss to describe exactly what it is.

So, I need your help. Can you identify what's in the red circle? Perry and I ruled out the television and computer, but could find no other potential sources for the reflection.



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