There are scary ghosts, friendly ghosts, and according to singer Kip Moore, very clean ghosts. He would know -- he's apparently being haunted by one of the extremely impeccable spooks. 

"It’s real, and every night I feel like I’m gonna die," says, speaking about the unwanted nightly guest. He rents a Nashville home from his publisher, and apparently, there’s an angry female ghost who sweeps outside his door at night. The 'Hey Pretty Girl' singer shares, “I’ll hear some loud crashes at 3AM in the middle of the night. It'll give you a heart attack, that's for sure. But at least she's clean. She sweeps, so at least she's clean.”

However, the mystery ghost is also disturbing Moore's REM cycle, and he wasn't too please about it one evening in particular. “I literally heard something the other night that just, I couldn’t believe I heard it and I sat up in my bed and I really did this," Moore remembers. "It was 2AM and I said, ‘I got no beef with you if you’ve got no beef with me’ and I went back to sleep.”

Moore may be avoiding girls on purpose to focus on his music career, but he certainly hasn't been able to escape this tidy female ghost. As one of Taste of Country's Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2013, of course any lady would want to be around him -- even if she's a ghost!

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