Fortnite is a game that has swept the world quickly. You've probably seen or heard it mentioned in some shape or form almost every day.

As with most popular games, the possibility of dressing up as a Fortnite character for Halloween is an idea for some. And of course, there are costumes available. Since I play the game regularly (and since I still need a costume for Halloween too!), let's rank the 5 best Fortnite Halloween costumes!

In Paradise's Order of Perfection, here they are!

5. Cuddle Team Leader

Cuddle Team Leader
Cuddle Team Leader Adult

Admittedly, this isn't one of my favorite skins in-game, but it makes a wonderful costume for young ones. This one is perfect for the young girls of the gaming community who play Fortnite. Plus the pink is sure to get more the coveted gift of more candy!

4. Brite Bomber

Brite Bomber
Adult Cuddle Team Leader

This skin is one of most popular in-game, and can be spotted almost anywhere when playing. It also works well as a costume because anyone will see your bright self walking around trick-or-treating! The flying llama on the front of the costume is sure to garner some attention and some more candy!

3. Plush Rex

Plush Rex kids costume
Plush Rex Adult costume

A spin on the classic dinosaur costume, this skin works mainly because let's be honest, who didn't wanna be a dinosaur at least once in their lives? Be sure to "Rawr!" when walking around Halloween night to get into character! People might toss candy at you in hopes you'll stop rawring and terrifying them!

2. Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper Kids Costume
Skull Trooper Adult Costume

A popular costume both Halloween-wise and Fortnite-wise, The Skull Trooper is a solid choice this year. Sure to spook and sure net you some great candy, this showing of bones is sure to please.

And the number one Fortnite costume is...drum roll please!

1. Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager Kids costume
Adult Dark Voyager costume

This is one of my favorite skins, and honestly, I would wear this one for Halloween. It's even orange and black, the perfect colors for Halloween! Who wouldn't want to be a slick astronaut on Halloween night? You have the perfect combination for landing a lot of candy!

If you looking where you can purchase any of these costumes, you can go to Spirit Halloween or Amazon! Hope your Halloween Night is a Victory Royale!

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