We are now in the time of the year in Alabama to pay close attention to snakes.   As temperatures rise so does snake activity.  Snakes are cold blooded animals so the warmer it gets, the more active they are as they move around more to look for water and cooler temperatures.  That means from now until October are times of the year that snakes are on the move the most in Alabama.

Snake experts say the majority of people who get bitten by a venomous snake are either trying to kill it or move it, so if you’re not an expert, just don’t mess with a snake if possible.  They say just about all snakes, given the opportunity, will simply glide away when given a clear exit route so if you see one, simply give it plenty of space and it will go on it’s way without causing you any problem. Snakes are a natural part of the environment and help to keep rat and mice numbers down, so killing them for no reason makes no sense.

Check out his article on AL.com for more about snakes in Alabama, how to identify them and how to deal with a snake if you see one.

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