If you're going to the movies this weekend don't be surprised if you see clowns at the movie theater.  Clowns all over the world are upset about the portrayal of clowns in the new Steven King movie "It".  Business Insider claims a group of New York City clowns are planning to rally at Union Square Regal Cinemas before a screening of the movie.  And Mashable claims clowns are set to invade screenings of this weekend in Australia.. A Facebook page called Clown Purge Australia claims 10 clowns will descend upon movie theaters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The page says; "We're not here to harm, only here for a laugh and a good time.''

In New York, organizer John Nelson tells NBC that he wants people to know that not all clowns are evil like Pennywise. "Our hope is to raise enough awareness so when people think of clowns they won't think of scary murderers but people who dedicate their lives to bringing joy. Last week, my partner and I had six cancellations of birthday parties. I have heard of reports from other clowns, in New York and other cities, that they have been canceled as well."

We haven't heard of anything planned at Cobb Theaters - Hollywood 16 Cinemas this weekend.  Are you going to see It this weekend?  Let us know what you think.

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