Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox has extended the grace period for those who are unable to pay their city utility bills.  Tuscaloosa is still affected significantly by the Coronavirus, and Mayor Maddox stated in his amended executive order that due to "the implications to health and sanitation for citizens to be without working water, sewer, or garbage collection, I am Ordering the applicable city departments to extend the current grace period allotted for nonpayment of water, sewer, and solid waste collection charges by an additional 60 days.  This order shall expire if not extended on September 30, 2020."

I really think it's great to see Tuscaloosa reaching out to help those in need.  The last thing we need right now is a family without utilities trying to cope with all the other problems they are facing.  When we see people struggling to keep the lights on during the hardest financial year of our lifetime, I like to think that when this mess is over, and as with everything, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS," we can remember Tuscaloosa as a helpful and caring city.  #WildBillShow

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