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Walmart has announced that to combat Coronavirus cases, particularly in the south, it will temporarily close some locations.

These locations will undergo a deep cleaning and sanitizing. Walmart confirmed some locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Oklahoma will be closing, for a few days to handle special cleaning protocols. We were not able to determine if Tuscaloosa area Walmarts will be included in the temporary store shutdowns. Those decisions are still being made.

At this point, almost 63% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Covid cases have been on the rise again with schools starting and some states unwilling to pass mask mandates.
It appears unlikely that the pandemic will be over anytime soon.

Additionally, hospitals across the country are reporting full ICUs. There are long waitlists for beds needed to treat non-Covid patients. 90% of cases have been among the unvaccinated, according to USA Today.

While it has been a struggle to get a large segment of the population vaccinated, the CDC has recommended getting a COVID-19 booster shot starting September 20. There's still discussion about how often the shots should be administered, with anywhere from five months to eight months, per the CDC.

Walmart stores in the south will take the safety precaution route by temporarily closing many stores for deep cleaning and sanitizing.

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