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You know, with all the craziness that life has going on these days, I miss movie theaters. Luckily for us, streaming services are a blessing to where we can watch films and then various other original movies that they provide.

Earlier this week, while I was chatting with a fellow coworker, my phone starts ringing. Meg Summers, whom you all know and most certainly love, popped up on the caller ID. The second I answer, she goes "TOMMY!" and my mind goes to one of two things:

"Wuh-oh I screwed up!" or "She's got something to tell me!"

It was the second one for those wondering.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm kind of an old man when it's coming to streaming TV shows and movies. I'm more a video game guy and that's how I pass the time. Imagine my surprise when Meg said there's something new on Netflix that has your last name on it!

So to shed a bit of light on my last name, my actual last name is Paradiso. In Italian, my last name means Paradise.

So my last name is both my actual name, and radio name in Italian! Neat right?

Anyway, back to our main point of the story. As it turns out, a new movie is set to come out on Netflix entitled "The Last Paradiso." How nobody in the family caught wind of this I have no idea, but now I'm just curious to what's the movie's main plot point is.

A quick check of the Netflix page reveals that it seems to be romance drama? At least that's what I think. Trailer also seems to back that up as well.

This isn't the first time that I've seen my last name in media by the way. A very famous movie released in 1988 also has my last name in it! Cinema Paradiso for those wondering. Also in Disney Springs down in Orlando, there's a restaurant called Paradiso 37!

Apparently having a last name that translates to Paradise is very helpful in the world of media. Also Netflix why didn't my family get to cameo in the movie? We have the actual last name!!!

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