Alabama starting quarterback Jalen Hurts will have plenty more on his mind than Florida State on Saturday night. The sophomore will be thinking about his hometown of Houston, where family and friends are trying to survive historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

On Monday, Hurts talked about the weekend's events and how he's been dealing with the news.

"It's tough," Hurts said. "It's heartbreaking. It hurts and it's been on my mind. But all we can do is stay strong, you know as a proud Houstonian, stay strong and keep all my family back home, all my friends and all the citizens of Houston in my prayers."

But Hurts, who will start on Saturday against the No. 3 Seminoles, said it would not effect his preparation for the game in Atlanta.

"My family back home, they want me to focus. They want me to lock into what I need to do this week, but they're going to be on my mind for sure."

If you are looking for a way to donate to the Harvey relief efforts, here's a list of places that can use your donations.

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