Could you possibly have a penny in your pocket that can be worth anywhere from $14,000 up to $25,000! Yes, you did read that correctly. From fourteen thousand up to twenty-five thousand dollars… Empty your piggybanks and check in between the car seats for this coin worth a nice fortune!

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Ok, we aren’t talking about one of that one-of-a-kind minted in the1800’s.  We are talking about a penny from 1992.  Not that long ago when it comes to coins. We have all seen coins much older than that.

So get those pennies and let’s hunt down one that will help us start this new year a tad bit richer. Scroll down below to see the video with everything to look for.

What are we looking for, well obviously the 1992 penny? Now flip him over to the backside.

Now in the words, United States of America, look at the A and the M, are the letters touching? Is the bottom right corner of the A touching the bottom left corner of the M? If you said yes then you hit the jackpot of at least $14,000. Now, what makes this penny skyrocket in price to $25,000?

Dee Rokosz
Dee Rokosz

Flip it over, and look at the mint mark. Under the year there should be a letter showing where the coin was minted. So which mint mark are we looking for?  NONE...Yes, there were pennies minted with no mark so the value is now above $25,000!

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I know what you're thinking…. Time to unroll the rolled coins and dump that coin jar on the table and begin looking.

Finding one of these will put the Happy in your New Year!

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