It's the end of April and vacation may seem further away than your destination when you hop in your car for a cross-country road trip, but have no illusion: time off is coming.

Sure, that period of vacation around the New Year is so far in our rearview mirror we can't see it and the beginning of summer vacation isn't even on the horizon yet, but if there's one thing that can make us perk up it's talking about vacation. It doesn't matter if it's a trip around the world, a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods or the proverbial "staycation," who doesn't love a nice holiday?

Whether it's a relaxing period of time where you forget your daily troubles or are trapped in a too-small hotel with your screaming kids, vacation is always better than working. It breaks up the monotony of our daily lives and reminds us how much fun we can have in life.

With all that in mind, Twitter has chimed in with the hashtag #VacationIn3Words to help sum up what vacation means. The posts are as varied as the places you can go.

The Best Tweets Ever:

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