Anyone who has been through a breakup knows that it takes a village to recover from a broken heart. That's why Tyler Farr called on his country music buddies Colt Ford and Lee Brice and 'Duck Dynasty's' Willie Robertson to join him for his music video for 'Redneck Crazy.' Moral of the story: Don't mess with country boys.

'Redneck Crazy' is a song about heartbreak -- so you wouldn't expect the video to be worthy of a few chuckles. But when you put together three fun-loving country music singers and one heir of the 'Duck Dynasty' family, that's exactly what you get.

When the slow, sad song starts out the video cuts to a shot of Farr looking heartbroken. He's playing with a silver ring crafted from two hearts, while his buddies try to comfort him. But the 'Hot Mess' hitmaker doesn't stay down and out for long.

Ford, Brice and Robertson start to help him devise a plan for revenge. They lay out a map to Farr's ex-girlfriend's house and decide how to pay her back for cheating.

Once darkness falls and Farr's cheating ex goes to bed with her goofy new boyfriend, the four rednecks converge on her house. They ring the doorbell several times and when the girl opens the door, sparks fly. Farr plays 'Redneck Crazy' on his guitar while his three close friends light up the front yard with headlights and cover the trees with toilet paper.

At the sight of four burly, angry men, the girl's new boyfriend cowers behind her on the front step. She looks down and notices that Farr has returned her heart ring--except one heart has broken off.

Ladies, let this music video be a lesson to you: never two-time a redneck.

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