Hey!  Have you got a bunch of half-used paint, cleaner, motor oil, or old batteries just taking up space around the house?  This Saturday, June 6th, you can get rid of them safely at Tuscaloosa's 2020 Household Hazardous Waste Disposal day.  You can bring your items to the Public Safety Logistics building, which is located at 3311 Kauloosa Avenue, between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., and drop them off to be disposed of properly.

There is no charge to drop off items, but you must live in Tuscaloosa County in order to participate.  Tuscaloosa's website states that "this free drop-off event is open only to residents of Tuscaloosa County.  Conducted by the City’s environmental services division, this event is sponsored and made possible by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa."

Tuscaloosa.com describes household hazardous waste as "the discarded, unused or leftover portion of household products containing toxic chemicals."  The city's website also  provides a list of "examples of household hazardous wastes," which includes "drain cleaner, household cleaners, mothballs, automotive fluids, paint thinner, herbicides, pool chemicals, metal polish, batteries, insect chemicals, propane tanks, latex or oil-based paint, antifreeze, pesticides, oil or gasoline, ammonia, light bulbs, wood strippers, sealants, lawn chemicals/fertilizers, arts and crafts supplies, solvents and more."

They also provide a list of items that will not be accepted, such as "tires, medical waste, household garbage, non-residential or out-of-county wastes and radioactive wastes.  Wastes will not be accepted from commercial businesses, non-profit organizations or residents outside Tuscaloosa County."

This event will help protect us and our environment.

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