The roads in Alabama need some upgrades, but which ones deserve the attention and resources the most? Two projects have been the topic of discussion as of late. The Expansion of I-65 and work for Highway 43 in the West Alabama Corridor.

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Alabama State Senator Chris Elliott believes the focus should be more on expanding Interstate 65 instead of putting capital into Highway 43 in the West Alabama Corridor.

Elliott recently told CBS42, “It’s crucial as the backbone of the entire state to prioritize that project and to certainly prioritize it over the West Alabama Corridor,”

“You have to look at where is the money best spent and where does it do the most for the most Alabamians, And the traffic counts just don’t support spending more than a billion dollars on a road through west Alabama.”

Photo courtesy of Walt Maddox
Photo courtesy of Walt Maddox

Per the report, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox expressed his views on the project situation.

“I think that the push for the 65 expansion is a justifiable one, we’ve all been stuck on 65 south to Montgomery. But I don’t think we should make it an either-or case. Let’s find a way to do both. Let’s don’t pit one side of Alabama against the other,”

The West Alabama project was estimated to be finished within five years of the start of construction.

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