Though Garth Brooks takes his fans by utter surprise when he offers them larger-than-life gifts during his live shows, he gets just as sentimental when it comes to gift-giving for his wife Trisha Yearwood.

Before the opening show of their seven-night stay at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, Yearwood opened up to Taste of Country about her husband's above and beyond gift-giving ways. Okay. So, we know Garth is gifted in the gifting arena. Let's get to what we're wondering about: What's Trisha getting her husband this year?

Yearwood says she's opting for something on the simpler side, but she knows her husband will appreciate it.

"You can never go wrong with, like, underwear and sweatpants," she laughs.

The superstar singer also reveals that her husband appreciates "family-related" gifts, so she has something pretty special planned for his gift as well.

If you're wondering what Garth might have up his sleeve for presents, Trisha explains he's not really one to purchase material items. He gives "things that are sentimental, that mean something," she describes.

Just some of the most meaningful gifts the superstar has given his wife include flying her family out to see her when she couldn't get home for Christmas, and magically retrieving her father's 1962 Chevy that she learned to drive in back from the man he sold it to -- even though Yearwood had tried to get it back and couldn't.

"Things that aren't on a typical list, those are the kinds of things that he does," she raves. "He's always so thoughtful. I'm the one who's trying to be as thoughtful as him, but he always wins."

Yearwood recently explained that she and Brooks do in fact fulfill the lavish promises they give to fans during the three-year tenure of their World Tour. The couple's last show in Nashville on Dec. 23 marks the final North American stop on the World Tour.


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