The music business isn't for the weak. Fortunately, a lot of country stars have a tough, no-nonsense attitude, and the physical fortitude, to see it through.

Tim McGraw is not only physically fit, he was tough enough to stare down his former record label in court and get out of a deal he felt was unfair. Trace Adkins, meanwhile, is a former oil field worker who looks like he could crack an ordinary person over his knee without trying, and Miranda Lambert has written many a vengeful song about righting wrongs with a gun or a gas can.

And then there's Gretchen Wilson (fit both physically and in business), Toby Keith (a no-nonsense guy who's also one of country music's richest artists), Margo Price (she pawned her wedding ring and sold her car to make her debut album) and Brantley Gilbert (just listen to what he has to say about any guy who might try to date a potential future daughter). Seriously, we would not want to cross any of these artists!

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