Jason Aldean songs are some of the most popular in contemporary country music. The country superstar has built an enormously successful career around his rockin' country sound, which emphasizes up-tempo, fun songs about the country lifestyle.

That's not to say that Aldean doesn't have his softer side. Though he doesn't show it often, he's capable of some gentler ballads, too, balancing out his party-hearty persona with a dose of heartache and romance here and there.

But it is the more raucous songs that have built his brand as one of the leading male country artists of his generation, capable of filling the largest concert arenas and even stadiums. The Boot takes a look at the best of his best with this list of the Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs.

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    "The Truth"

    From: 'Wide Open' (2009)

    Aldean's softer side kicks off the Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs with "The Truth." The mid-tempo track was written by Brett James and Ashley Monroe, who based her contributions on a former relationship. The narrator in the story is begging his former flame to tell their friends anything she wants to about the end of their relationship, but "just don't tell 'em all the truth." Released as the third single from Wide Open, "The Truth" became Aldean's fourth No. 1 single.

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    From: 'Jason Aldean' (2005)

    "Hicktown" was the debut single from Aldean's debut album, and it helped set the tone for much of his subsequent career. Big & Rich wrote the song with Vicky McGehee, and the up-tempo, guitar-driven track talks of all the various ways small-town people entertain themselves, with the tag line, "That's the way we get down in a hicktown." The song reached No. 10 and has since become a staple of Aldean's live show, and one of his signature songs.

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    "The Only Way I Know"

    From: 'Night Train' (2012)

    Aldean called on his friends Luke Bryan and Eric Church for "The Only Way I Know," which combines some spoken-word elements of rap with a rockin' country track. Written by David Lee Murphy and Ben Hayslip, the song celebrates the small-town values of loyalty and a hard work ethic, with each of the narrators saying, "That's the only way I know." Released as the second single from Night Train, the song became Aldean's ninth No. 1 hit.

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    "Amarillo Sky"

    From: 'Jason Aldean' (2005)

    "Amarillo Sky" is another slight departure for Aldean from his party-anthem persona. Written by Big & Rich with Rodney Clawson and Bart Pursley, the song talks of the struggles of working the family farm in rural Texas. Released as the second single from his debut album, "Amarillo Sky" reached No.4 and earned Aldean an ACM nomination for Song of the Year.

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    "Don't You Wanna Stay"

    From: 'My Kinda Party' (2010)

    Perhaps Aldean's biggest stretch out of his comfort zone is "Don't You Wanna Stay," a pop country duet with Kelly Clarkson. The pair debuted the song on the CMA Awards in 2010, and the next day, demand from radio forced its release as a single. The song reached No. 1 in country and charted in the Top 10 in Adult Top 40 and Adult Contemporary. It also earned the pair a Grammy nomination for Best Country Duo / Group Performance, making it a must for the Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs.

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    "She's Country"

    From: 'Wide Open' (2007)

    "She's Country" is a virtual prototype for a hit Jason Aldean song. Written by Danny Myrick and Bridgette Tatum, the track features a rock guitar riff accompanied by a lyric that describes women from various rural locales in the U.S. as country "from her cowboy boots to her down home roots." Released as the lead single from Wide Open, "She's Country" reached No. 1 in May of 2009.

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    "Crazy Town"

    From: 'Wide Open' (2009)

    "Crazy Town" is another classic Aldean rocker, but with an interesting twist -- instead of talking about the craziness of small-town life, the lyrics refer to the grind of Nashville's highly competitive music scene, where "We love it, we hate it, we're all just tryin' to make it in this crazy town." Written by Brett Jones and Rodney Clawson, the song reached No. 2, becoming Aldean's 20th consecutive Top 10 hit.

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    "Dirt Road Anthem"

    From: 'My Kinda Party' (2010)

    "Dirt Road Anthem" is another of Aldean's signature songs. Written by Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford -- each of whom also recorded it -- the country rap track got a mixed critical reception, but reached No. 1 in Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and sold more than four million digital downloads, making it the best-selling song by a male country solo artist in digital history.

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    "My Kinda Party"

    From: 'My Kinda Party' (2010)

    "My Kinda Party" may be Aldean's ultimate party anthem. Written once again by Gilbert -- who included the song on his Modern Day Prodigal Son album -- the song details a perfect night out at a tailgate and bonfire party, followed by what the narrator hopes will be a "one-night rodeo." The song reached No. 2 in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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    "Big Green Tractor"

    From: 'Wide Open' (2009)

    "Big Green Tractor" is the definitive Aldean track, which is why it lands at No. 1 on our list of the Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs. The song brings together the rural and romantic elements of Aldean's music, as the narrator asks his girlfriend if she wants to go to town, or "I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor." Written by Jim Collins and Murphy, the song is one of Aldean's biggest career records, reaching No. 1 and selling more than two million digital downloads in the U.S.

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