As Valentine’s Day looms over us, I’m sure many couples are scrambling to come up with last-minute date plans for the special day. Choosing what to do on a date can be grueling when you want to really impress your significant other. I mean, after a while how much more can you do other than dinner and a movie, right? As it turns out, Tuscaloosa is full of unique activities for couples to enjoy together, and I’ve compiled a list of my favorites.

Catch a concert at Druid City Music Hall

If you’re a big music junkie like myself, a concert is the perfect date. Druid City Music Hall always has a wide range of shows for whatever your music taste may be. It’s always a great time to be able to let your hair down, dance, and sing along to some awesome artists at the top of your lungs with your person.

Take a stroll on the River Walk

Want to go on a date where you can really get to know someone? Take a walk by the river to get the conversation flowing. The River Walk is a gorgeous place to take in with your Valentine at sunset, and maybe even step it up with a picnic on the water.

Grab a drink and play some old school arcade games at Loosa Brews

With being a college town, of course Tuscaloosa has a plethora of places to grab a drink, but Loosa steps it up a notch with their wide range of games and local beers. Take a step back in time and play some classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, make a bet with your date to see who gets the higher score in Pac Man (super competitive couples beware!) or just chill on their back porch with a local brew.

Go cruising on the Bama Belle Riverboat

The Bama Belle Riverboat has to be one of the more romantic date ideas on this list. What better way to take in the most beautiful part of Tuscaloosa than on a classic paddle wheel riverboat after a nice dinner?

Go stargazing in Moundville

Yeah, yeah, I know stargazing sounds super cheesy, but Valentine’s Day is supposed to be cheesy, right? Grab a blanket, cuddle up to your better half and just talk about life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So ditch the dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day and start checking these things off the list. You’ll be sure to wow your date with some of these ideas.

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