Don't you love this time of year?  The sun, all the outdoor activities...and the food.  Summer is always the best time for food, especially fresh fruit.  I love them all and I'm always looking for the freshest and ripest.  If I had to choose just a few what would be my favorites?

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5.  Peach.  I'm the odd person that likes them a little more on the firm side but it's hard to beat a perfectly ripe peach.





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4.  Grapes.  I prefer the white, but red are good too.  And try the black if you never have, they're delicious too.  Always seedless for me.





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3.  Berries.  Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, love em all.  The perfect thing is to just ahave a big bowl available at all times so I could just eat them like candy.  I bet my doctor would be ok with that!




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2.  Watermelon,  Could it be the perfect summertime food?   red juicy and refreshing.  People always tell me the seeded watermelons are sweeter, but I always go with the seedless.







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1.  Cherries.  My personal favorite, and not just because they help my knees feel better.  How much do I love cherries?  It's the one fruit I don't avoid because of the seeds.  I'll gladly deal with the seeds to get that tart refreshing taste...although if someone comes up with a seedless I would be ok with that too.


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