I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but I will tell you one thing: vaccinate your kids. 


The State of Alabama's Department of Public Health confirmed a child in St. Clair County tested positive for the measles yesterday. She's not even a year old yet; this baby isn't old enough to have had her MMR vaccination.

I can't imagine what her mother must be going through right now. How helpless and angry must she feel knowing that her child could die from a completely preventable disease?


Vaccines do NOT cause Autism. There are no scientific studies proving a link between Autism Spectrum Disorder and vaccinations. Yes, there have been more diagnosed cases of ASD, but correlation is not causation.

There are mothers in third world countries who would literally do anything to get life-saving vaccines for their kids, and yet so many people here are blithely refusing to vaccinate their own children. It DOES NOT make sense to me. It's so selfish--you're relying on my vaccinating my daughter so that YOUR kid won't get sick. Like, it's fine if my kid and every other kid takes one for the team, but not YOUR kid.

No. It doesn't work that way.

No child should get sick and die from a preventable disease. That's why I vaccinate my child--doing so keeps her safe and keeps her friends safe. I'm so tired of seeing story after story about Measles outbreaks.


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