There's nothing quite like the love between a pet and its owner, and The Steve Shannon Morning Show and Bradberry Service Company know how hard it is on a family when their furbaby goes missing--that's why we're on the case with The Steve Shannon Morning Show Pet Patrol

We're getting a little heated on the Pet Patrol today, because this isn't your typical missing pet case--this dog was STOLEN from his family! We need your help to find this little pit bull and bring the creeps who stole him to justice.

Steve and I found out about this missing pup from our coworker Wild Bill. Bill shared the story of the Vandee family in Cottondale. Their sweet pit bull puppy was STOLEN from their home earlier this week. The pup is grey and white, and he needs to be returned to his loving family ASAP, as he has a hernia that requires surgical repair.

The low-life losers who STOLE this puppy from his family were driving a green car. Check out the posts below from the Vandee family to learn more.

If your pet goes missing, get the Steve Shannon Morning Show and Bradberry Service Company Pet Patrol on the case! Email your pet's photos and info to

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