Fayette, Alabama native Dexter Roberts took to the 'American Idol' stage on Wednesday night and delivered a well place 'Roll Tide Roll' into his version of 'Sweet Home Alabama!'

Alabama the state is getting recognition across several of the televised singing competitions as of late. Among those representing the "Heart of Dixie" are 'American Idol contestants Dexter along with CJ Harris, Jess Meuse and Casey Thrasher. Also, Citronelle born Cary Laine has been flaunting her Alabama roots on Season 6 of 'The Voice.'

On Wednesday night, Roberts took to the stage to sing 'Sweet Home Alabama'. The singer was halfway though his rendition of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic when he, as we all do here in Tuscaloosa, belted out 'Roll Tide Roll' immediately after singing the third chorus. What really made this cool was that the monitors going around the theater balconies also displayed 'Roll Tide Roll'!

After the performance Ryan Seacrest said, "You're changing it up with a 'Roll Tide' there. What happens when someone walks into a room and says 'War Eagle'?"

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