I'm a big foodie. There is little that I will not try at least once. I've just added a couple foods to my very short will not try list.

These foods just made the list of MOST DANGEROUS FOODS IN THE WORLD:

#1. Raw baby octopus from Korean restaurants. It's supposed to be served while still squirming. You can choke to death if the suction cups latch on to your throat. Six people die yearly from it.

#2. Cazu Marzu cheese. It's Italian & means rotten cheese. They use maggots to ferment it. It is banned in the US.

#3. Uncooked kidney beans. There is a protein in then that can make you very sick unless they are cooked.

#4. Bagels. What? Actually cutting them is the danger. Roughly 2000 people go to the ER yearly with serious bagel related cuts.

Fortunately, I'm safe. None of this is on the menu at Archibalds.

*source-Business Insider*

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