Mother's Day was born in 1908 after Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. I'm thankful for the wonderful Christian home my mom raised her children in. This Mother's Day my brothers and I will celebrate the love she gave us but we'll also commemorate the sense of humor that makes her so unique.

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    She Loves Her Children All The Same

    Some experts suggest that every mom has her favorite child but my mother proved that simply wasn't true.

    Imagine the joy that filled the room to bursting when my husband and two brothers realized they had each been gifted with the exact same sweater.

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    She Once Shut Down University Boulevard

    While backing out of a parking spot on University Boulevard my mother was confronted with a rude driver.

    Instead of allowing her to continue backing out and holding traffic for her, a 'gentleman' driving a truck rudely laid down on his horn while attempting to pull around her.

    Taking offense, mom parked her car in the middle of University Boulevard and stepped out of her car to confront him.

    'Get back in your car mam,' he said before she could approach him.

    'You need Jesus!' She responded. He flipped her the bird.

    'YOU NEED JESUS,' she said once more before getting back into her car and driving away.


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    She Has Her Own Vocabulary

    My mom just wants to get in the neighborhood of how to actually pronounce some words.

    Some examples:

    Sometimes my dad thinks he's muncho as opposed to macho.

    I don't drive a BMW. I drive a MFW.

    $1,000,000 wouldn't be phenomenal but it would be fanominal.


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    She Supports Everything I Do

    My brother gave me $2 for my birthday a few years ago so I made sure to acknowledge his special day one month later. I gave him a picture of myself as a joke but mother continues to insist the portrait deserves a frame.

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    She Makes Lemonade Out Of Lemons

    Sometimes Christmas just sneaks up on you. You look at the calendar and realize there's only a week left before the holiday and you haven't even gotten your tree out of storage. What do you do?

    You decorate the treadmill of course.

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