You may have heard about Lundy and Herman recently. This YouTube video from Inside Edition says that Lundy, the chihuahua puppy, showed up at the Mia Foundation which is an animal rehab center in Rochester, NY, unable to walk about two months ago. Herman, a pigeon that can't fly, has been there for about a year. The two have formed a friendship that is just heartwarming and their story went viral (naturally).

Well, there's an update -- and things just got more heartwarming and cute.

According to a report from WMUR, a New Hampshire company donated a mini-wheelchair for Lundy so he can walk.

Walkin' Pets sent the Mia Foundation a little tiny wheelchair that is small enough to fit teeny-tiny Lundy and enables him to walk.

The WMUR report says the people at Walkin' Pets want us to know that a mobility problem doesn't mean it's the end of the road for our pets.

Also, judging by the video, it seems that many people are interested in adopting Lundy (and hopefully Herman, too). If you're interested, contact the Mia Foundation.

Be sure to check out Mia's Story. Grab some tissues.

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