The Chicks are putting their passion for social and environmental justice into action in 2022 when they hit the road for their self-titled amphitheater tour over the summer. The trio will partner with environmental nonprofit, setting up a Chicks/Reverb Action Village at every show as a way of encouraging fans to get involved.

Meshing music with social causes is a natural partnership for the trio, they explain to People during a new interview about their tour.

"It's a natural extension of who we are and what we care about," says banjoist Emily Strayer. The Chicks have used previous tours as a chance to support organizations including Planned Parenthood and Proclaim Justice. "So it seems to make sense at our show with our fans, that they would want to see that aspect of us."

Reverb — which has also partnered with stars including Billie Eilish, the Dave Matthews Band and Lorde to promote environmental sustainability as part of their tours — helps fans and artists alike reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating single-use water bottles and promoting sustainable biodiesel fuel for use in tour buses. They also work to help organize festival food options that minimize waste, via coordinating with local farms and helping compost or donate excess food at the events.

Speaking and singing about political causes is also a given on the Chicks' upcoming tour. Perhaps more than any other country act, the Chicks are associated with political outspokenness, thanks in large part to the infamous events of 2003 that resulted in their being all but ousted from the country genre.

With the release of their 2020 Gaslighter album, the Chicks returned with a definitive stand: They weren't shying away from controversial political subject matter, either in conversation or in their songs. Tracks including "March March" are expected to be mixed into the set list, and Maines says that she thinks her fans wouldn't want — or expect — anything less.

"I'm very outspoken and opinionated to begin with, but I think there is a responsibility there," she explains. "We don't like to get on a soapbox or preach, but we're not going to hold back."

The Chicks 2022 Tour kicks off in mid-June.

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