We can officially say, this is the first time The Bachelor has ever put the final three contestants all in the same living quarters during fantasy suite week (talk about awkward conversations). Clearly, we know it was done to make virgin Madison Prewett uncomfortable — and us.

Okay, before we dive into Monday’s episode, we’ll let you breathe easy and know that none of the women were sent home last night!

This week picked up on last Monday’s cliffhanger as Madison pulled Peter Weber aside and told him, yet at the same time didn’t tell him that she’s a virgin. Essentially, she left him with a soft “ultimatum” that she will be crushed if he sleeps with the other women during the next round of dates, and doesn’t know how she will be able to continue to date him if so.


After an awkward few minutes of us watching the three girls twiddle their thumbs, Peter came to take Hannah Ann on the first date (wahoo – thank you for alleviating the tension).

Hannah Ann and Peter started the date with a splash, racing each other on jet skis through the Australian water. We would like to pause this recap to take a moment to marvel at how amazing Hannah’s hair looked during the joy ride. Our hair always ends up in a million knots by the end! As you can imagine, add two people in love plus a gorgeous beach and yep, cue Peter and Hannah Ann making out in the sand.

The night ended as you’d expect it to. Hannah Ann and Peter both said they were falling in love, and she accepted the fantasy suite key. The show left us by implying what happened that night, with just their silhouettes in the opaque door (ABC getting a little frisky over here).


Honestly, we are confused why Victoria F. is still there. Her relationship with Peter has consisted of them always fighting and Victoria F. consistently defensive. However, during this date, we gave Peter an A+ as he was able to calmly communicate with her. He asked her questions, softly pushing her to try and open up. She let Peter know her last ex didn’t allow her to express her emotions (hint, hint), and that's why she has had a hard time opening up now.

During their epic picnic overlooking the Australian terrain, Victoria F. joked that they hadn’t fought yet (yeah, no joke girl) and that she’s falling in love with him. This girl really can swing from one extreme to the next. Driven by passion and words of affirmation, let’s just say Peter gave her the fantasy date key.


As you can assume, Madison was left pretty hurt knowing Peter was intimate with the other two women. However, did she not watch Peter on Hannah Brown’s season? Their whole story was created around their intimate moment in the windmill, so Madison shouldn’t be surprised that Peter finds intimacy important.

During their date, Madison let Peter know what her expectations were because of what she believes, and that she will not waver from them. She was frustrated that, though she told Peter how she felt, he still slept with the other women. Madison walked out of the room and Peter followed her, letting her know he was sorry and still sees her in his future.

Though during the initial conversation, we could argue that Madison should have brought this topic up before ending up in the final three, many people are taking her side. We applaud Madison for sticking to what she believes is right for her, and so does the majority of Bachelor Nation. She explained to Peter that she doesn’t get how he could sleep with multiple women, then a week later get engaged to just one (yeah, kinda a lot to digest).

Of course, we couldn’t get resolution right then, and were left with Madison walking off as a teary Peter was left in the distance. Though the teaser for next week makes it seem like Madison won’t show up, we think she’ll decide he’s still worth fighting for.


All right, here are a few quick things to note as we head to the “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor next week. Kelley isn’t invited (say what?!). She was in the final five, meaning clearly it came down to the producers not liking her. Normally the last contestants to leave always come back for this. Victoria F. (yep ... sorry, she gets cut next Monday) and Kelsey are put in the hot seat. Victoria F. denies allegations that she’s broken up marriages, and Kelsey seems to be auditioning for the next Bachelorette spot (not sure how we feel about this one).

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