Miss Terry Saban, the first lady of college football, surprised the Steve Shannon Morning Show with a call Friday morning.

She talked about broadcasting the Alabama homecoming parade on WVUA for 10 years. She loves it now, but was hesitant when she first started. See the parade live on WVUA at 1pm Saturday & watch for playbacks.

Miss Terry revealed that she and coach have an Alexa. She said Coach Saban is glad she has somebody else to yell at now.

Miss Terry also told us coach recently fell in love with a neighbor's Go-Cart. She said he was surprised when video of him riding in the driveway ended up on ESPN. He said "they should have to get permission to show that".

Miss Terry was a band majorette back in the day. We suggested she put on her old uniform, get out her baton, & surprise coach after Bama's next victory. She said she would, but doubted the uniform would still fit.

It is easy to love Miss Terry. She is so down to earth. Coach Saban is lucky to have Miss Terry.
We are lucky to have her too!


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