Walt Maddox

Walt Maddox vs Kay Ivey Heats Up
The Walt Maddox campaign has released 45 pages of emails allegedly sent using a private email server between then Lt. Governor Kay Ivey and staff members.  Here's more from the Maddox campaign...
"The discovery that Kay Ivey’s staff used private email serv…
Alabama Voters Need to Know More
@GovernorKayIvey says @WaltMaddox is “all over the map. He can't figure out where he stands on any of the important issues like Supreme Court, abortion or even gun rights. When he finishes debating himself, we can talk."
I don't understand this logic, if Walt is debating him…
Mayor Maddox Talks Weather
Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox called in this morning to discuss city plans for the impending severe weather tonight and tomorrow.

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