If you've shopped at The Tuscaloosa Super Target over the past six months, you've probably noticed some remodeling taking place. Well, the great news is the remodeling is officially completed, and the store will be celebrating with a grand re-opening event this Friday.

The ribbon cutting ceremony starts a 8 a.m. and the celebration continues through noon with visits from Santa Claus, Target's mascot, "Bullseye", hot dogs and drinks, and plenty of free samples and activities throughout the store.

The Super Target, located at 1901 13th Ave. E, (behind University Mall), has been  moving sections around the store, and updating old areas with new merchandise. One of the major changes is the replacement of a café section with a beer and wine area, which will now feature a walk-in freezer full of craft beers. Also, the electronics section has been moved from the front of the store to the back. In addition, several aisles within the grocery portion of the store, have been moved to allow customers more space and more choices.

And if you're impatient of waiting in line, eight new self-checkout lanes have been added to help you checkout faster.

I can't wait to see the remodeling results and shop during this grand re-opening because it's PAYDAY!:-)

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