Sturgill Simpson is not ready to keep up a 24/7 touring schedule long-term. The singer-songwriter says in a newly released podcast that his future plans involve less time on the road and more time at home with his family.

"I don’t wanna put too fine a point on it, but I’m ready to go home and be a dad," Simpson tells the Trillbilly Workers Party Podcast, a leftist, Kentucky-focused podcast (quote via Rolling Stone Country). The Bluegrass State native will launch his A Good Look'n Tour with Tyler Childers on Friday (Feb. 21), but, he jokes, "There will be a day when I will disappear like David Copperfield and none of you motherf--kers will ever hear from me again.”

Simpson, a father of three, has often shied away from the spotlight. After releasing and touring behind his Grammy-winning 2016 album A Sailor's Guide to Earth, the artist dabbled in acting and worked toward releasing 2019's Sound & Fury, which was accompanied by an anime film, but stayed largely out of the public eye.

In fact, Simpson tells the Trillbilly Workers Party Podcast, his public persona early on in his career was fueled by fans' and the media's perception of him, as someone with a major distaste for and dislike of mainstream country music and the culture surrounding it. "If they’re gonna make me be that guy, then I’m just gonna f--king be that guy. Because there’s money to be made there, too," he reflects.

However, Simpson admits, "I got bored with that so fast."

Simpson and Childers' A Good Look'n Tour is currently scheduled to run through late May.

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