Want to tone up for summer? Then grab those vacuum!

A study says that Spring cleaning burns more calories than running a marathon.  They found that running a marathon burns between 2,500 and 3,500 calories while a a good Spring cleaning burns 3,655 calories.

They've even  broken down how many calories you can burn for each household chore.

Vacuuming (1 hour) 238 calories
Dusting (2 hours) 340 calories (170cl per)
Emptying, cleaning, repacking cupboards (4 hours) 952 calories (238cl per hour)
Scrubbing the floor (1 hour) 258 calories
Climbing up and down loft (20 mins) 181 calories (544cl per hour)
Turning mattresses and making beds (1 hour) 136 calories
Moving heavy furniture (2 hours) 476 calories (238cl per hour)
Cleaning windows (3 hours) 612 calories (204cl per hour)
Cleaning external doors (1 hour) 204 calories
Deep clean bathrooms (1hour) 258 calories

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