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ALERT: Truck Loses Load At 20/59 Eastbound
A truck lost it's load this morning at 20/59 Eastbound at Exit 89. This is causing the right two lanes to be blocked. We have had significant delays. According to ALGO Tuscaloosa. Here's the latest update below.
Alabama Heroic Veteran Mistreated At Rude Tuscaloosa Restaurant
Athletes. Musicians. TikTok Influencers. Those are NOT heroes. Talented individuals absolutely. A hero is someone that has sacrificed so much, and sometimes their life, to serve our country. A few weeks ago, on Veterans Day, a Tuscaloosa family heard about a local restaurant honoring veterans.
BREAKING: Bizarre Fed Ex Package Thefts In Alabama
A bizarre message from the Blount County Sheriff's office has gotten lots of attention on Thanksgiving Eve. The message, HERE, alerts folks with missing packages from Fed Ex to remain patient and calm. They currently have deputies en route to find out why hundreds (some estimates say 300-400) of packages have been thrown off a ravine.

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