I'll admit, I don't get excited or worked up over just every little thing. What I witnessed yesterday was, to me,  worth taking a couple pics and sharing with the world

This is Ed. Ed Ramsey. He works for our sister station 92.9 WTUG. Ed was borrowing our studio computer yesterday. I was in awe of his breath takingly bright, ironed and starched shirt at first. Then I noticed something that sent the awe into a different place. Amazement.

















The picture below speaks for itself.

Ed adorned himself in sapphire-esk CUFF LINKS yesterday for no real reason at all. It was just another work day for Ed. Not content with the norm, the boring, the same ole thing, Ed stepped it up a notch. When I asked Ed about his choice of accessories, he simply replied. "It just felt right today".

I think cuff links should now be mandatory for all employees. Everywhere. What did you wear to work today?