There's a Salvation Army worker in Biloxi, Mississippi named Jamie Richardson and he just broke a world record by ringing his bell outside a Walmart for 151 hours STRAIGHT.  That's about six-and-a-half days!

He started last Monday, kept collecting donations until early Sunday morning and only got a five-minute break every hour to use the bathroom. So he didn't sleep for an entire WEEK and somehow the constant bell ringing didn't drive him insane!

The previous record was 150 hours. So he broke it by an hour and decided that was enough.

It's not clear how much money he raised while he was out there, but it sounds like people were pretty generous. Some even brought him food.

He says he wanted to do it because he used to be homeless and the Salvation Army got him off the streets. So breaking the record and getting them publicity was his way of giving back.

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