Rory Feek's book This Life I Live has earned a spot on multiple bestsellers lists following its release on Feb. 14.

This Life I Live hit No. 1 on the Wall Street Journal's non-fiction bestsellers list for the week of Feb. 19, and No. 3 on WSJ's non-fiction e-books list for the same week; also for the week of Feb. 19, the book topped Publisher's Weekly's non-fiction list.

Additionally, This Life I Live has earned the No. 3 spot on the New York Times' combined print and e-book non-fiction list (and No. 2 on the hardcover non-fiction list) for the week of March 5, and sits at No. 3 on the Washington Post's non-fiction / general list and at No. 12 on USA Today's list.

"I know [Joey] would [love this book. Mostly, because I have tried to be honest about myself and my life, and about our life together, even when it hurts. She would want that," Rory Feek tells Publisher's Weekly. "Joey saw the magic in our life together and wanted me to share that with others, whether through songs, or film, or the blog or books.”

This Life I Live takes its name from the blog of the same name that Feek keeps, but expands on the stories he tells there to chronicle his life before he met his late wife. When the singer began the blog at the beginning of 2014, he thought it would be about simplifying their lives and raising their daughter, Indiana — but a few months into writing, Joey Feek was diagnosed with terminal cancer, in the summer of 2015. Her cancer returned in the summer of 2016, and Rory Feek used This Life I Live to keep fans' updated on his wife's condition, until she passed away on March 4, 2016.

“The calls started coming in around December I think. From publishers and agents who were aware of my blog and the story I was telling, and my wife was living," Rory Feek wrote in the summer of 2016. "They saw something I guess: the prayers on Joey’s behalf, the Facebook numbers, the national press. A perfect storm. A husband with a voice, a wife with a story, and an audience who cared about them. Sadly, our Q score and fame had finally risen to a place that made publishers interested.”

More details about This Life I Live are available on the book's official website. In September, Feek released a documentary honoring his late wife, To Joey, With Love.

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