The state of Alabama saw record voter turnout during yesterday’s Primary Runoff Election.  Don Hartley with 95.3 The Bear reports more than 625,000 Alabamians voted which is about 17% of the state’s voter eligible population.  In a press release, from Secretary of State John H. Merrill, who added, “We witnessed a record number of absentee ballots cast in a Runoff Election as Alabamians had more than 110 days to apply due to the declared states of emergency. Even with the high number of absentee ballots returned, Alabamians still showed up to vote in-person on Election Day, proving that the ability to vote in-person is valued and necessary in our state. We will continue to fight for this right, despite efforts to move to all-mail elections.”

The state of Alabama worked hard to ensure safety of all 1,980 polling places by providing masks and gloves for helpers and in many cases provided professional cleaning services to return polling places back to a safe and sanitary pre-election condition.

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