RaeLynn's day may start at 3AM, or she might not get serious until 5PM. Life on the road brings new adventures with every sunrise, so the "God Made Girls" singer has learned to rely on a few constants: hot coffee, quiet time with her journal and breakfast at any time of the day.

That usually includes protein-packed omelet with a side of fruit, or something similar, as she likes to keep it light and fresh. "It's different everyday, and especially being on the road, it can get a little crazy. But having that time in the morning to just kind of center myself is really important for me," RaeLynn says in this video series, filmed at her house and the recording studio where she's chosen to cut her next album.

A 9AM call-time means a 6:30 wakeup so that there's time to eat, dress and slowly slip into her day. RaeLynn journals every day; it's a way of organizing her thoughts, ideas and dreams.

“Nobody could understand my journal but me," the soon-to-be married singer says, "because it’s everything crazy that goes on in my brain.”

RaeLynn knows that starting a day off right — no matter what time it is — is essential if she wants to stay organized, on task and happy. She appreciates being able to eat breakfast at any hour, thankfully McDonald’s makes that possible with their new All Day Breakfast menu.

“I’ve definitely eaten breakfast for dinner many times," she says. "I actually think breakfast for dinner is the best.”

Watch as she goes about her routine. The Texan opened her home for this clip, and it's difficult to imagine a more comfortable setting to start a day off right, whatever the time. A hot cup of coffee is always nearby during that important first hour. RaeLynn admits she's not a natural morning person, so she has to have her coffee — and a great breakfast.

“I think personally that breakfast is the best meal of the day. It helps just get your mind right."

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