A ten month old Bulldog puppy died after a UNITED AIRLINE flight crew ordered a passenger to put it in the overhead compartment.

Daily Mail reports the owner & puppy boarded a United flight from Houston to New York on Monday. The Bulldog puppy was in a carrier. The crew told the dog owner to put the carrier in the overhead compartment.

The puppy was locked up for nearly three hours without any airflow, according to another passenger, June Lara. The crew had assured the safety of the pet.

When the plane landed the dog was dead. UNITED says they are investigating.

The dog's owner was traveling with her 8 year old child. Passengers were described as "disgusted & traumatized".

UNITED has apologised for the incident & claimed full responsibility. UNITED policy is for the pet to be in a carrier & under the seat.

The flight crew should be fired. The passenger should sue UNITED AIRLINES. This is outrageous.

What would you do if this was your pet?

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