One of the most important things you can do on Lemonade Day to help make your kids stand successful is to post your Lemonade Stand on Google.  Hundreds of people will be interested in stopping by and supporting our little entrepreneurs but how will they find them?  They can go to LEMONADEDAY.ORG/TUSCALOOSA and check out the Google Map with the Lemonade Stands posted, then put them in their GPS and drive right to them, so be sure to get yours posted asap.

Lemonade Day is June 17 in Tuscaloosa.  Kids can get a free backpack full of information to set up and run their own Lemonade Stand.  Then June 17 they set up their stand, sell their lemonade and the money is theirs to keep…spend it, save it, donate it to a cool charity.  That’s all up to you and your kids.  You can find out more HERE, or on Facebook HERE

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