Next to President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to be just as scatterbrained as he had to recuse himself from any FBI investigations into Russia possibly tampering with the U.S. elections last year. This after reports surfaced that Sessions spoke with Russian officials - twice - during Trump’s presidential campaign. Problem here is, he didn’t reveal that bit of information during his confirmation hearings and now he's being accused of committing perjury.

Saturday Night Live poked fun at Sessions’ aloofness with a hilarious opening skit. Kate McKinnon portrays Sessions as Forrest Gump in the classic bus stop scene where he chatted with a nurse.

In the skit, McKinnon’s Sessions talks with several people on the bench and offers them chocolates. “Life is like a box of chocolates, there’s a lot of brown ones in there,” she says, alluding to Sessions’ past accusations of being a racist that has dogged his career. Even Russia politician Vladimir Putin visits the bench and gives Sessions a fist bump.

When this week's SNL host Octavia Spencer arrives on the bench, she appears as her Minny character from The Help. “My name’s Minny,” she says. “You don’t know me, I’m from a different movie.” If you recall in The Help, Minny bakes a pie filled with feces and serves it to her evil boss.

So Spencer's Minny offers McKinnon-as-Sessions her special pie and he gleefully accepts. "Is this what I think it is?" asks McKinnon. "Mmm, my favorite."

We are quite sure Sessions has been eating a lot of s---, uh, pie this past week.

Watch the video above. Also, peep Spencer in another funny skit starring Kenan Thompson here.

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