More change is coming to the Northport City Council. With Northport Council District 1 member Christy Bobo moving up to replace former president Jeff Hogg, who recently unexpectedly resigned, the council must now name a replacement for Bobo for the president pro tem position. That action is on the council's agenda for tonight's 5:30 meeting at Northport City Hall.


Another member of the council will be elected in the pro tem position but that will not be the last change on the council. Hogg's resignation not only removed him from the council president seat but also from representation of Council District 5 representation.

According to state law, the City Council has 60 days (early May) to fill Hogg's vacant council seat for the remainder of his term. If for some reason the vacancy cannot be filled by the City Council within 60 days, each council member and the mayor may submit a name to Governor Ivey for possible appointment. The governor may choose from one of those names or appoint someone else of her selection.

This is not the first time this term that the council has been forced to choose a replacement for an elected official who resigned. Hogg himself became council president because former Mayor Bobby Herndon unexpectedly resigned effective at midnight New Year's Eve 2022. That elevated John Hinton to mayor and placed Hogg in the council president's seat.

Hogg's resignation came after he became embattled with a group of Northport residents who vehemently opposed several projects promoted by Hogg. The most recent being the $350 million University Beach Resort project on U.S. 82 West near Lowes. AA very vocal group of residents showed up at a council meeting in an attempt to halt the project. When that failed a account was set up to raise funds to fight the development and potentially be used to unseat council members during next year's municipal elections.

In his letter of resignation Hogg stated that he, his family and employer had received, "physical threats, death threats and harassing communications."

Residents opposed to the water park, retail, residential and hotel development vow they will continue to fight to stop the project.

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