Have you noticed the price of chocolate has gone up?  It seems we're consuming more chocolate than we can produce.  Experts now say the gap between how much chocolate the world consumes and how much cocoa manufacturers can produce will become unsustainable in 2 years.

Raw Story claims chocolate may no longer be available after 2050 because warmer temperatures and dryer weather are affecting cacao plants  Disease, drought, an increase in demand from Chinese markets, as well as the rising popularity of dark chocolate are all part of the problem as well.

Meanwhile, the University of California at Berkeley is working with Mars to alter the DNA of the plants so they can continue growing and Mars can continue using them to produce chocolate, but there are concerns that these efforts will affect the taste.

So it looks like our options are no chocolate or a version that keeps it around but doesn't have the same flavor?  Are you worried about a chocolate shortage?

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