Nicole Kidman surprised a bus full of tourists on Sunday (March 4) ahead of the 2018 Academy Awards, and they were ... well, surprised.

The actress was on her way to get her hair and makeup done for the awards show (she was a presenter) and found herself stopped beside an Access Hollywood tour bus at a stoplight. So, naturally, she decided to roll down her window to say hello.

The excited group of tourists could hardly believe they were seeing an A-list star right beside them as they got a tour of Los Angeles. While one fan began to snap a photo with her phone, another gushed about their celebrity run-in. Overheard in Kidman's video: "Oh my God. This is like a dream come true!"

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Kidman was sure to tell them she hadn't had her hair and makeup done yet, also wishing them a fun time on their celeb tour. She blew a kiss when the light turned green, giving the excited fans a story to take home with them.

Kidman flew solo at the 2018 Oscars, as husband Keith Urban had other commitments. She wasn't nominated, but was nonetheless excited to be presenting. Earlier this year, Kidman won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for best actress in a limited series for her role as Celeste Wright in the HBO series Big Little Lies.

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