It's Chicken Wars 2019! Ever since Popeye's recently added their new Classic and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches to the menu, people have been "flocking" to any and every Popeye's to try them out. The result? Mass Chicken Hysteria!

The Public has been consumed with "Food Fantasies" of consuming one of these new chicken sandwiches! The Result? Wait times of up to TWO HOURS reported at some Popeye's locations. Check out the picture below, of folks lining up to get their chicken sandwich at the Northport Popeye's...

Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini

Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini

People have even been lining up before store hours to get theirs! (I know this, because I was one of those people).

So they questions remain, Is Popeye's Chicken Sandwich worth the wait?... Is it worth the hype? And let's address the elephant (Roll Tide!) in the room...Is Popeye's Chicken Sandwich BETTER Than Chick-fil-A's?!  

I wanted to find out for myself. So, this past Friday (8/23), I drove to the Popeye's closest to me, located in The TA Truck Stop on Buttermilk Road. I figured that the Popeye's on McFarland would be slammed, and I'd have less of a wait at The TA. When arrived, I found out that I was right, because there was NOBODY there!

I went inside, all excited, only to find out WHY there was NOBODY there....they were SOLD OUT!... Damn!

So, I got in my car and drove to the Popeye's on McFarland, and encountered THIS mess...


Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini

Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini

"Screw That!" I said to myself. Therefore, I called off my quest for another day.

When Sunday, (8/25), rolled around, I got up early and decided to drive to the Popeye's on McFarland, just before they opened at 10:00am. I figured that I had a chance to grab my sandwich without too much of a long wait. Again, when I arrived, I was right! There were only a handful of cars there.

Then I found out why....they were SOLD OUT too!.. Damn!

I was about to give up. But then I remembered that there's a Popeye's in Northport. So, I jumped in the car, sped to Northport as fast as I could! (I actually hit NO red lights on the way either, taking I-59/20 to I-359, thru Lurleen Wallace Blvd, up 69 N, thru Northport. NO red lights! That has to be a personal record for me). I arrived to my destination at 10:06am. Not bad at all.

I got in line, (there were about 10 cars in front of me), and waited it out. By the time I got my food it was 10:55am. Total waiting time, 49 minutes. (Hey, it could've been a lot worse!).

Now came the moment of TRUTH! I opened up my sandwich, and got ready to TEAR it up, to answer the question, Is Popeye's Chicken Sandwich BETTER than Chick-fil-A's?!

The answer is subjective, because I am such a Chick-fil-A' fan. Nothing beats Chick-fil-A' for me. However, I will say that Popeye's Chicken Sandwich is VERY good! I was extremely surprised! And admittedly, Popeye's Chicken sandwich is BIGGER than Chick-fil-A's. And they have pickles on them, too! I have to give Popeye's props, they ARE a SERIOUS contender! However, in the end, Chick-fil-A' is still THE CHAMP!

Is it worth the wait? Only you can decide that for yourself. But know that your wait might be even longer now. As of this writing, (8/25), both Tuscaloosa locations of Popeye's are sold out of their Chicken Sandwiches. Also note, that the Northport location of Popeye's has placed a limit of 4 Chicken Sandwiches per customer, to try and avoid being sold out. Good Luck & Bon Appetite!




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