With Kenny Chesney coming to the Amp on August 4, this is a good time to give you my list of my favorite Kenny songs.This is my personal favorites list, I’d love to see your list and see how they compare.  Here we go.

  1. The Tin Man - The first song I every heard from Kenny, his second ever single.  It was also released years later as a single from a greatest hits album.
  2.  Grandpa Told Me So - More early Kenny, not a big hit but still a great song
  3.  The Woman With Me
  4.  American Kids
  5.  All The Pretty Girls
  6.  The Good Stuff
  7.  No Shoes No Shirt No Problem - The song that I think took Kenny to a whole new level and gave him a mass identity.
  8.  Young - I love the energy
  9.  Don’t Blink - Got kids, you know why this one’s on the list
  10.  That’s Why I’m Here - At the time I thought this was a game changer for Kenny. So honest and real, still my favorite song he’s ever done.

By the way, there are still a few tickets left for the Kenny concert.  Here’s the link to get em while you can, or listen to the Steve Shannon Morning Show this week to win a pair.

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