With the winter weather moving into our area, everyone is saying stay home and off the roads today.  That means time at home with the family, and if you can get them off their phones and tablets, it's a good time to have a family movie day.  Pop some popcorn and dial up some snow day movies and enjoy the day.  Here are 7 ideas for family snow day movies.


Everyone (almost) has seen it by now, but why not enjoy the adventures of Elsa & Anna again, it never gets old, and may be perfect snow day movie.

Snow Buddies

Talking golden retriever puppies who help a  boy realize his dream of competing in the Alaskan Iditarod sledding competition?  Does it get better than this on a cold snowy day?

Ice Age

It may feel like an Ice Age outside and this classic will keep everyone entertained inside.  Sid the sloth, Diego the sabre toothed tiger and Manny the wooly mammoth work together to return a human baby back where he belongs.

Happy Feet

A penguin movie on a snow day?  Another great choice.  The little penguin Mumble has a a terrible singing voice, his dancing is a different story.  Follow along as he dances to his own beat and learns to love himself in the process.

Penguins of Madagascar

Another penguin movie, or course!  These Penguins go on a secret undercover mission to save the world with the help of some new Arctic friends who just happen to be secret agents.

The Princess Bride

On a winter’s day, a grandpa reads his sick son the coolest book ever, with a princess, a prince, a giant, a farm boy, pirates, horses, rocks to climb, a creepy forest, magic, sword fights, revenge, poisons, potions, tricks, jokes, and so more.  Lots of fun and adventure for the whole family.

Jack Frost

A man who dies in a car accident and comes back to life as a snowman and reconnects with his 11 year old son Charlie and teaches him the values that he never got to teach him when he was alive.  Lots of positive messages and funny parts.

Did we miss any?  Do you have more ideas?  Share them with us below.

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